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Smiles! Excitement! Laughter!


Geoffrey Gilmore Signature’s goal is to design celebrations that will delight your guests, and make them feel very special. Our personalization and methodical orchestration of each event are the hallmarks of our service.  We offer you creative ideas, logistical advice, and specialized assistance when planning and coordinating your event.


Our approach is simple…we listen.  We want to know about your style, your taste and your goals.  Based on what we learn, we focus on the occasion, theme and location in order to hone in on the priorities and parameters of your event.  Through our organization and design of your celebration, we introduce festive and memorable elements that will engage your guests from the time they arrive until they leave. 


Our goal is to help you create a celebration that communicates how special your guests are to you. Contact us and be prepared to host a memorable event that will initiate smiles and laughter…signs your guests are having a great time!

Seattle Area Events





Geoffrey Gilmore Signature Celebration services are customized for each specific event.  Pricing will be determined based on all aspects and elements that you chose for your event, and within the confines of the budget for your celebration.


Are you ready? Then contact Geoffrey to schedule an appointment, or for more information about our services. Please call 425.488.8171 or email Geoffrey at


I specialize in Greek Orthodox baptisms.

Allow me to help you plan and produce a celebration that includes your signature special touches.

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