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Have you decided what type of engaged person you are? 

  • You may be a real “do-it-yourselfer” who needs just a little help.

  • Perhaps time constraints are your biggest concern and you need help from a professional to take care of planning and orchestrating your wedding.

  • Or perhaps you find yourself somewhere in between.


Whatever your situation may be, our services are designed to help you reach your wedding celebration goals.  

Please take a moment to read about two of our most popular services.

Signature Resource$75 per hour

This is the perfect opportunity for the DIY bride to get questions answered, to receive advice for what steps to take next, to pick up inspiration for creative ideas to perplexing situations. Each consultation session is one hour long.  

Signature Concierge Starting at $1,750

This is our “Day of the Ceremony” service which starts four (4) weeks before you walk the aisle. 

Consultations and Preparation Services:

Two (1 hour each) Review Consultations about your plans for:                     

  • Your Ceremony and Reception plans                                                       

  • Your Contracted vendor services                                                                 

  • Your Designated help from friends                                                             

  • Establish and distribute Wedding Day Schedules **                                          


**We create two types of “Wedding Day Schedules” based on your plans and distribute them a week ahead of your wedding**. 

  1. Vendor Wedding Day Schedule is designed for your contracted vendors ‘use.

  2. Family/Bridal Party Schedule is designed for these special people on your wedding day.

In-Person Services:

  • Ceremony Rehearsal Coordination

  • Wedding Day Contact Person

  • Ceremony coordination per your plans

  •  Reception coordination per your plans

  • “Day of” On-site Trouble Shooting   

Signature Wedding Services Starting at $4,000 

This is our full planning and coordination service for your wedding from start to finish. We help you create a personalized wedding celebration that expresses your uniqueness while blending the traditions you cherish. The following is a partial list of our services in this category:

  • Assist in creating the budget for wedding elements. 

  • Assisting in latest Washington State Covid guidelines for weddings.

  • Assist in ceremony and reception site selection.

  • Pre-screened referrals for various wedding professionals.

  • Assist in scheduling appointments and tastings.

  • Review of contracted vendor services and timelines.

  • Assist in coordination of out-of-town guests’ accommodations.

  • Incorporate “Signature Concierge” services into Signature Wedding Experience.

  • Assist in planning and coordinating related pre- and post-wedding celebrations.

  • Ceremony and reception coordination per plans.

  • “Advice on wedding etiquette and limiting potential incidents/conflicts.


Are you ready to indulge in your Signature Wedding Celebration?

Let's chat about setting up an appointment in order to start the process of designing  your dream wedding celebration.


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