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Signature Wedding Concierge

This is our “Day of the Ceremony” service which starts four (4) weeks before you walk down the aisle.                                              


Wedding Concierge Services include:             

Two (1 hour each) Review Consultations about your plans for:                     

  • Your Ceremony and Reception                                                       

  • Your Contracted vendor services                                                                 

  • Your Designated help assignments for friends who want to help                                          

  • Establish and distribute Wedding Day Schedules **                                          


**We create two types of “Wedding Day Schedules” based on your plans and distribute them a week ahead of your wedding. 

  1. Vendor Wedding Day Schedule is designed for your contracted vendors ‘use.

  2. Family/Bridal Party Schedule is designed for these special people on your wedding day.

In-Person Services:

  • Ceremony Rehearsal Coordination

  • Wedding Day Contact Person

  • Ceremony coordination per your plans

  •  Reception coordination per your plans

  • “Day of” On-site Trouble Shooting   

                                    Starting at $1,750


   Ready to Chat?  Call or Text at 206.261.2291   or  Email at     

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