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Signature Wedding "Love Story" 

This is our "Full Wedding Planning and Coordination"  service for your wedding from start to finish. We help you create a personalized wedding celebration that expresses your uniqueness while blending the traditions you cherish.

Our approach is simple...we listen to you. 
The better we know you, the more equipped we are to provide you with customized wedding planning services. 

goal is to reflect you - your personalities and your style while fusing your traditions with fresh ideas and exceptional design.

You can be confident that we are planning and covering the logistical details so that your wedding celebration runs smoothly, while you focus on each other.  

The following is a partial list of our wedding planning services for this package:

  • We provide inspiration and ideas for your wedding celebration that reflects your style and personalities.

  • We assist in your planning the design and layout of your wedding celebrations.

  • We assist you in drafting thematic wedding elements that are creative, meaningful, consistent and personalized.

  • We help you in ceremony and reception site selection suited to your personalities and your style.

  • You have access to our specialized pre-screened referrals service for various vetted first tier wedding vendors.

  • Of course, we incorporate our “day of wedding planning” services into your "Signature Love Story Experience."

  • We offer our experience and advice on wedding etiquette and limiting potential incidents/conflicts.                                                                        Starting at $8,000

It's your "Love Story"... celebrated your style!
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