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Signature Wedding Mentor

Examples of Past Questions We Have Been Asked

  • Perhaps there are worrisome etiquette questions that you would like to discuss.  

  • There is a wedding decor look you really like but don't have the budget for it.  What are some alternative approaches you can take to achieve a similar look that is budget friendly?

  • A family situation has been troublesome during family get-togethers.  You want to be proactive in heading off a potential scene at your wedding.  What are some ideas to minimize such a situation occuring at your wedding?


Our Approach:

The process starts with a form that we send you.  Fill it out to give us an idea of the topics you would like to cover.  Send it back and we'll schedule your appointment.  In this manner, your time is maximized for a fruitful conversation about what matters most to you as your plan your wedding celebration. Each consultation session is one hour long.                  

                                                                                                                          $75 per hour                                                                       

           Wedding Vendor Referral Search
Looking for a Wedding Vendor Referral?  We can help!

     Our Approach                                                                       
(We do not accept any fees from referred vendors for this service!)
  • Share with us what SERVICES you are looking for and share your budget range for that service.
  • We will look for available wedding vendors in that category of service.
  • Next we will prepare three referrals for that vendor category of professionals available on your date, within your budget range, and during the time frame needed.
  • All you need to do is contact them, select the one you like best and contract that vendor's services.                                                                                                       $40 per category
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