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Our Mission

Gilmore Signature Events' mission is to help busy individuals create personalized events that celebrate

the special moments, and traditions in their lives.

Couple on the Beach

Our Beliefs

  • We believe that each individual deserves to freely pursue happiness and to celebrate life joyfully.

  • We believe that each person has a voice that should be heard and acknowledged.

  • We believe each person's traditions reflects the essence of their humanity and joy.

  • We believe that each person was created to contribute in a positive way to benefit others and nature.

  • We believe in the power of truth and love.

Young Romantic Couple
Happy Couple
Bridal Henna

Our Goals

To create festive experiences that are meaningful to our clients and their guests.

To help our clients reflect their joy and hospitality through their celebrations .

To help our clients  see that their celebration's goals are being met for that occasion.

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